Anniversary Greeting Cards

Price: $1.50 each

BC0322: Happy Anniversary May your marriage be blessed with love and friendship.
Multicolored irises
BC0356: Congratulations on your anniversary!
Blue and purple flowers
BC0376: Happy Anniversary to a special couple.
Flowers in the woods
BC0385: Wishing you a happy anniversary and many more happy years together.
Purple, pink, white and blue flowers
BC0395: Wishing you love and happiness on your anniversary and always.
Red and purple flowers
BC0432: May your marriage continue to grow in love and friendship throughout the years ahead. Happy Anniversary
Purple and blue flowers
BC0433: Happy Anniversary May your love for each other continue to bring you happiness and joy.
White and blue flowers
BC0434: Congratulations to a wonderful couple. Happy Anniversary
Two bluebirds on branch of pink flowers
BC0440: Happy Anniversary to a special couple. May the years ahead continue to bring you much love and happiness.